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About Strayer Electric

Strayer Electric was started by RJ Strayer in the early 90's - one customer at a time - installing ceiling fans and changing breaker panels for homeowners and performing service work for businesses. Slowly developing a customer base.

It was when I was on top of South Mountain one afternoon/evening, I looked down 'At the Valley of the Sun' and I really became aware of how many lights there were....Yes, all the lights that needed to be changed and decided to go into businesses and offer my service to businesses, changing light bulbs and ballasts on a monthly basis, at time and material. I grew that business quickly, as I found all it took was to walk up to a store manager and ask why the light fixtures were out. They were embarrassed, they hadn't looked up while doing their jobs and I assured them "it was my job to help them."

Strayer Electric has definitely evolved over time. My 20+ years of on-the-job training, classes, seminars and getting my butt kicked some have allowed us to do some really fun, yet challenging work.

We do not specialize in the mundane. We specialize in the specialty work; the work that takes knowledge, experience and confidence, which makes our clients trust us.

We love what we do and would like to help you with your project.

RJ Strayer, Owner.